Watch Live Epl,LA Liga, on ARQ Channels on Intelsat 37e at 18.0°W

Intelsat 36e @18w

It has become usual habit for Sport 24HD to went off in the beginning of each year and come back once the season or before the beginning of another season. As at the time of writing this article Sport 24HD is still offline on all Chinese protocol decoder whereas still blazing on some decoder manufactured from middle east like Starsat hyper or starsat extreem.

Precisely, In Africa The reign of Powervu encryption is nearly finish as the most of the benefit channels has started went off and changes of live event from one channels to another due to high traffic of unauthorized use and thanks to Almighty Allah and satellite guru who works restless to find new channels as alternative to Sport 24HD.

ARQ CHANNELS @Intelsat 37e at 18.0°W

ARQ channels is Feed channels encrypted belongs to a particular service provider for rebroadcast to their subscriber in their own territory  but the channels requires Biss Key that to view their contents,  It contains about 9 channles dedicate for Live sports event like Football: EPL, LA Liga, Champions League, Bundesliga, and similarly as lawn tennis, Wrestling, Rugby, Cricket, Golf and then on, using Frequency 3732 H 38318, using a minimum of one.8m dish on top of despite the actual fact that the signal is friendly to get and below are the steps to install the channels with success.

Arq Sport Channels


  • Firstly, Track with educational satellite channels, with Frequency 3906 H 26500 or using ZBC on frequency 4016 R 4444 at most signal quality of a minimum of 80th higher than.
  • Tight your dish firmly after maximum signal is achieved and manually enter ARQ SPORT Frequency 3732 H 38318 and then scan to access the channels.

You’re strongly adyise to use autobiss decoder like Gsky V5, V6, V7, Tiger T3000, Tiger T8HD ultra, and Skysat V10 or S2020 decoder to opening ARQ channels automatically otherwise try manually.


  1. Hi there!I have a receiver of alphabox 4rf+ I get ARQ but I watch for 1 week only and signal go down and now I can see the match,please help me what can I do? I am from Tanzania East Africa.frankie

  2. So my receive is OK alphabox 4rf+ to open ARQ,problems is dish because another Chanel like adom is ok, which signal it is OK to open? Frankie

  3. Sir, thank you for your Guidance. Can I pm you privately. Is it possible to get your number! i need your assistance. Thank you

  4. Hi Maryam,
    I successfully followed all the steps you mentioned above. however , when I scanned (blind ) forthe channels, ARQ don’t appear. What am I missing?

  5. You try but with people like you on the internet posting such vital information information online trust me the channel will soon go off just like sport 24HD.

  6. the problem with people in Africa u don’t have secret u will keep on losing good channels because of big mouth,and ur customers Will lose confidence in you because your channels don’t last.

    • A typical west african people where monopoly of dstv has gained ground can’t stopped amazing me, go to egypt, tunisia, somalia, ethiopia, algeria and so on where dstv can’t operate there, watching premium for free and through dongle non-stop, my brother let them block it and another channels will be discover others let other people too benefits from it

  7. Hello Maryam, the ARQ have gone off today a day after world cup finals. Signal is off. Any clue on the new way to open them.

    I also need the auto biss decoder. Thanka

  8. Its off now, what next, i mean the arq thing now again we are doomed due to our failure to communication gaps, every one knows about this site, can we try to pass on our finding via email to those concerned

  9. Please I have Alphabox X6+ combo. Is it auto BISS decoder? And will it work for the ARQ channels? If yes, how do I make it Work. Thanks

      • Alphabox x6+ is a fully auto roll decoder. I have been using it for sports 24, AFN, SONY, and now ARQ. I finally figured out how to do it. So it’s working fine now. On AFN and ARQ. Thanks.

          • yes sir by connecting your alphabox decoder to the internet and update the softcam key and it will start opening ARQ channels

          • Thank for you response and nice answer again what wrong with my alphabox 6+ since l have tried to open AFN powervu Chanel but it fail need your help please .Also if you have new software for alphabox 6+ am request it please !!!!!!

  10. Do really mean minimum of 8m dish to track the channels? I’m planning of hunting that bird for the coming season.

  11. Sport 1 2 4 on amos 4 W arent working well there’s a little freeze.if you have a software for my device please i need device is openbox 222 HD hardware 1506g flash 4mb now is converted to cobox.

  12. Please i’m from sudan and i have amos 4 W sport 1 SD sport 2 SD sport 4 SD 5live SD and yes movies but the problem is all those channels arent working well there is a little freeze and i dont know is that due to the server i use or device is openbox 222 HD converted to cobox software 27-1-2018.

    • Brother, I request you to buy any decoder with forever server and you will enjoying such decoder includes Tiger T8HD Ultra, Tiger T800, Echolink, Starsat Extreme 2000 and so on

  13. Hello Mr. Maryam

    I want to say thanks alot for all of your time & that God should give you more wisdom
    I also need your help to help me with kwese biss key @18 west

    Thanks once again for your time.

    • Try more brother, sometime your placement of di-electric plate may be cause why signal refuse to come out try to re-position the plate or better change the polarization from vertical to horinzontal

  14. I am watching Barcelona vs Sevilla (Supercup) but no commentary. I am using Best-Digital HD S1023M3 receiver. Help please. I have clicked on Audio then navigated through stereo, mono, left, right but no commentary.

  15. hi ,please my arq multi goes off around 6.30pm in the evening and comes up again in the morning around 5:00,please what could be the cause

  16. Hi! Am very impressed with this discussion, am in Tanzania where intelsat 37e is not common, I need assistance on how to nab the bird, or which sat is in same position with 18w? Thanks in advance!

  17. Hello, Maryam! Thanks for all the good works you’re doing. Pls, how good is this decoder- Satstar Combo when it comes to Eutelsat 9e, bein sports @Badr 26e and Yes package @4W compared to Tiger HD and Forever Server? Pls, i need your advice because i want to buy a one time multipurpose decoder for now. Thanks.

  18. please Maryam I have some little problem with my tiger 245+ultra is not opening ARQ channels is only the first one the rest is Scrabble. what could be the problem.

  19. sir i have instal intelsat 68 ku babnd signal 80% to 82 but when i conect to dstv exproler dercoder it show on screen no signal where im gone wrong

  20. Good morning sir i have Qsat Q28G and i was using it to watch the Arq-multi-04 plcs hd, Arq-multi-02-118 hd, Arq-multi -06 146 hd,Arq-multi-08 148 hd,Arq-multi-10 hd, Arq-multi-12hd, Arq-multi-18 hd,Arq- multi-20 hd and Arq-multi-22 hd all on C_ Eutelsat 10A on a 3.5 dish but now it is showing no signal. Please you help me to restore it?
    My contact is +233243666301 if you help on whatsapp

  21. My fear has been confirmed. With information like this on the internet the channel will not last. Tell us the new one you have discovered as you promised.

  22. maybe we lack privacy as africans,this thing had become so public,as if our ancestors where incharge of it,
    can we be a little bit secretive next time fellow black foik

  23. I pray I doesn’t come back. What do you guys expect when premium pay channels become free?
    The best thing you guys shouldn’t have done is to keep quite and enjoy. If you publish and it disappears what have you achieve? There are so many FEED Channels in Europe and other continents but when it comes to AFRICA all feed channels ended up being blocked. Ask yourself why? Because these bloggers and so called satellite freeks want to do business with it. YOU GUYS SHOULD LEARN AND DESIST FROM PUBLISHING ANYTHING YOU SEE.

    • that’s selfish interest, A typical african will always behave like African most especially Nigerian Guys, If the information is conceived from the first time how come will other people will benefits, If you want to see yourself go to pakistani or Indian facebook forum you will see the way techs news in being reveal, Suppose the first person fail to disclose it how come you will benefits from you and that’s why African will remain in spot.

  24. Selfish, greedy Africans if this satellite was kept by the first person who knows it kept how would you have enjoyed it in the first place and if you know it all what are you doing on this site?

  25. I have gone through so many sites, and i pay so much attention to there content, non of them has disclosed such a secret to the open world beside you( Maryam) even PeaceSat blog (where you copy 99% of your update and paste here) refused to open it to the world . from the very first time i saw this post via google search i know that those precious Channels are heading toward the door of no return. Hope you have learned from your mistake and again bloggers that involve them self in satellite business always try to hide their identity . take lemmymorgan as example but in your case you are busy posting and sharing your picture and phone number. don’t be surprise if any of the pay tv representative pay you a visit soon . A word is enough for the wise.

  26. Hello sir
    I have 2 decoders starSat Sr-2000 hd hyper and starsat Sr-2000hd Extreme
    Last week he showed me no single
    What can I do ?
    Plz help me

  27. i am sympathtic tomy main man maryam,after a brief shutdown of arq,i cant imagine the attitude the so called
    advisors to maryam,they are justout there to criticize,am ,concerned,what do these critics contribute to their fellow blacks besides just criticizing our maryam,maybe these haters are happy to see all africa exploited and poor,fellow blacks what financial impact have we impactedon the owners of these multi-billion projects
    and what do you loose when fellow poor blacks also enjoy what is going on,come ,lets on guys,lets stlyle up
    and let maryam help redeem bound and bonded africa.peace to maryam

    • Yes it is there for american beam but can’t opening as a result of the python coding using to secure the channels from any unauthorized use

  28. Dear Mary am, greetings to you and to all well wishing, and good hearted fellow survivors, my concerns are spread over the issue of who will be genuine among us, to request for the latest info about whatever is going on, some may pose as well wisher but in fact looking for intelligence may God have mercy

  29. Someone told me that ARQ come up on Saturday and went off after few minute.I thought is a false information until I got the person phone number to confirmed it.
    I believed is still coming back

  30. Come on guys, am sorry to lash out at some I our rookis here on this platform, gym, how do you expect maryam to start giving you instructions on how to set up badr, aw come on get a local installer from your area and let them do the simple things, and lets leave maryam do the others, am just a concerned fan.

    • My brother, please go for any autorole decoder or buy our customized 3d ultra receiver good for signal-6, kwese free sport and Occa Africa

  31. @ TechRamadan, why are you so quiet about 3D ultra T800 high class latest update. you were so bold in advertising this particular product. eventually arq channels has disappeared and most of your fans are now using 3D ultra T800 receiver yet you do not want to say anything. why! why!! why! !!. It is not fair treating your valuable customers.


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