9Mobile Cheapest Night and Weekend Data Plan

9mobile data plan

9Mobile Special offer remains blazing alright and each internet surfer has to flex with it. however the plan was restricted to the small range of 9Mobile SIMs, that cause a headache for many those that are however to learn from the plan. Thank God, we’ve got got the suggests that for everybody to relish the offer.

 To make Ineligible 9Mobile Sim to Eligible for the offer

The makings issue depends on the time you’re activating the data plan.

To get eligible, merely activate the data plan throughout the weekend, that is among Fri to Sunday.

9mobile data plan

To subscribe 9Mobile 1GB data for N200

  • Recharge your SIM  CARD worth of  N200 and simply dial *929*10# to activate the offer
  • Subscription valid for 3days.
  • Dial *228# to visualize your data balance.

You will be receiving error messages once making an attempt to activate the plan, simply keep dialing the code and you’ll certainly be activated for the plan.

Note: you’ll be able to activate it at any time, however throughout the weekend, all SIM are eligible to activate the offer. don’t confuse, the data plan works any day and any time and on any device.You can subscribe and re-subscribe any time you most well-liked, e.g. you’ll be able to subscribe the plan 5 times directly. this implies with N1000 you’ll be able to get 5GB.9Mobile Special offer of N200 for 1GB data is one in all the most affordable data plans at this moment and everyone has got to take pleasure in it. No boring guys…

You can additionally prefer certain  Glo night and weekend plan if you have got smart glo network coverage in your area



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