SSL Certificate – A Must For All Website To Authenticate Domain

SSL Certificate for Domain Authetication
SSL Certificates are no longer an facultative choice however a necessity, particularly for e-commerce websites or other types of transactional websites and web apps. Encrypting the online traffic between an internet browser and an internet server has become completely necessary.
SSL Certificates are obtainable from Web4Africa at cheap costs. Also, the certificates are issued among many minutes in most cases, provided the consumer follows the specified steps to register and certify the name or hostname being secured.
Web4Africa is a leading web hosting company that gives best services associated with websites together with domain name registration, web hosting, virtual servers, dedicated servers and more.
This is accessible to registered firms, organizations and other entities only. All legal aspects of the entity, furthermore as their physical address and telephone contact, undergo an extended validation.
The completion of the method may be as short as two weeks, provided the applying entity is in a position to readily provide the requested info. they are available at premium valuation.
At the end of the Validation process, the Green-Bar SSL certificate would be issued to the entity. they sometimes have a definite color the address bar. the actual look would rely on the online browser.
SSL Certificate for Domain Authetication

Wildcard SSL

This option is ideal for multiple sub-domains. It permits constant SSL certificate to be shared among sub-domains just like the examples below:
where is that the main domain name.
The consumer take the risk of buying multiple separate SSL certificates for sub-domains sharing the same primary domain.

Regular SSL

Web4Africa offers Comodo SSL and Positive SSL below this class with the distinction being the U.S. dollar price of warrant secured by the SSL provider. they’re appropriate for everyday use and may be applied to only about any use case.
The certificate would usually be issued for the requested hostname or domain name as well as an option wherever “www” is appended. where the domain is, the SSL would be issued for
To purchase any of the SSL Certificates, merely visit Web4Africa’s website.
Established in 2002, Web4Africa may be a leading supplier of SSL Certificates, Domain Names, web Hosting services, Virtual Servers, Dedicated Servers for clients worldwide.
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