MediaStar Diamond Z2 Ultra HD UHD 4K Android Satellite Receiver

MediaStar Diamond Z2 Ultra HD UHD 4K Android Satellite Receiver
Mediastar MS-Diamond Z2  support (H.265 and Real 4K 60fps 2160 × 3840) and You Get All Arabic,Turkish,Iranian,Kurdish,African,European, Kurdish Channels, Indian and more than 6000 Channels Europe NC+ 4k UHD . CANAL +4k , Fun box 4k, Travel XP 4k full ok, KODI Player, MiraCast, Open many Exclusive satellite bundles in ASTRA, HOTBIRD, NILESAT, BADER and FAR EAST SATELLITE, BeoutQ is available,

Special Features: 

  • You can connect your Bluetooth headset with this box and Watch TV without disturbing others.
  • You can connect your keyboard and mouse with this box and use it as Android Computer.
MediaStar Diamond Z2 Ultra HD UHD 4K Android Satellite Receiver

Package includes:

• 2 x Remote Control Unit (RCU)
• 1 x Digital Satellite Receiver
• 1 x HDMI Cable

MediaStar Diamond Z2 Full Specifications

  1. Hi3798MV200 HiSilicon Powerful CPU
  2. Support for 4K 60fps 2160 × 3840
  3. Imprex image processor
  4. Hardware and software support for HDR-HLG-WCG
  5. Supports VP9 and H265 codecs with 10-bit color depth
  6. Image capability in the simultaneous image of the 4K channels
  7. Hardware feature for noise reduction and image jump
  8. RAM DDR4 2GB
  9. Internal Memory 8GB
  10. Android 7 (Android 7.0)
  11. A powerful dual tuner with the ability to amplify weak signals
  12. Supports DVB-S2 and 3D channels, H.265 and 4K 60fsp.
  13. Support Various Resolutions 576i 50Hz, 576P 50Hz, 720P 50Hz, 1080P 24Hz, 1080P 25Hz, 1080i 50Hz, 1080P 50Hz, 2160 30Hz, 2160 60Hz
  14. Support Internal Wi-Fi
  15. One Standard remote and Extra Remote with air mouse plus keyboard.
  16. 15 months of powerful global server access for Forever lKS
  17. 12 months of Apollo IPTV with so many great channels to choose from.
  18. BISS Key and PowerVu Channels Auto Opening
  19. HomeShare feature to share free device tweaks
  20. USB 3.0 port for connecting all types of external hard drives and peripherals
  21. Built-in Bluetooth with new generation and optical audio output.
  22. Connectivity of various types of Xbox and PlayStation game console types and installing various games and support multiplayer games.
  23. Ability to install all Android applications such as Telegram, WhatsApp, etc., as well as the Media Center feature of XBMC and codes.
  24. Connects microphone and speaker and Digital Audio output (S/PDIF)
  25. Modern panel with high quality material with a front-facing USB port
  26. Support for C-BAND / KU – BAND LNBs (Dual Tuners)
  27. Support for DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 usals
  28. Excellent support for various types of protocols such as Sicecam, Nuke, etc., support for new Tandberg and PowerVu key coding systems, and the ability to manually and easily enter BISS and DCW codes, and Tandberg and PowerVu etc …
  29. Advanced Search or Blind Search
  30. Network Search feature
  31. Support legible VFD panel
  32. LAN port
  33. Micro SD port
  34. HDMI output version 2.0
  35. Output AV
  36. Ability to edit PID
  37. Multi-satellite simultaneous search
  38. Ability to search multiple transponders or frequencies together
  39. Capacity to store 20,000 television and radio channels
  40. Has 32 categories of favorite channels and can be up to 100 categories
  41. Ability to edit and move the channels in the instant and desired list
  42. Ability to upgrade via USB and fastboot
  43. The ability to upgrade via the MediaStar Network Server via the Receivers Upgrade Menu.
  44. Unique feature View all menus and submenus on the device panel for easy installation without the need for a TV.
  45. Teletext support
  46. Network and Internet communication via wireless, Bluetooth, cable, LAN and 3G
  47. IPTV, G-VOD, G-IPTV, G-TV, G-mytube and support for m3u and m3u8 files.
  48. G-MScreen, DLNA DMR, DLNA DMP, WiFi Direct
  49. Support for 3G Modem
  50. Multi-image capability of image and image in image and capability to record in various formats
  51. Install Any Android App, Whatsapp etc.
  52. Ability to adjust the manual and automatic clock and recording timer and adjustable sleep timer
  53. Ability to password-protect the receiver with various access
  54. Standby mode during power failure and manual and automatic setup
  55. Ability to pause during recording as well as in the normal viewing of PAUSE channels
  56. Supports Sat2IPTV
  57. SSSP capability, Twin Protocol feature, and support for all types of protocols
  58. Control and Streaming capabilities with Android and ios mobile and tablet.
  59. Has an X-TIMESHIFT
  60. Ability to use ActiveX protocol
  61. Media Star IP-TV feature
  62. Excellent and unsurpassed software support

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  1. I am from Sri Lanka,I would like to buy one Mediastar Diamond Z2 satellite receiver .Please send me price with shipping cost to Sri Lanka


  2. Hi, I’m interested in the MediaStar Diamond Z2 Ultra HD UHD 4K Android Satellite Receiver, I’m in the Slovak Republic, please aka the price?


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