FeedBack On ARQ Multi-Channels Suddenly Disappeared On Intelsat 37e At 18w

ARQ Multi-Channels

Hi Guys, here is my anticipating article as regards to ARQ Multi-Channels On Intelsat 37e at 18w, I believe many people enjoying it more than those who criticize me of publish article about it, as far as social media is concern, It is a place to get solution for a problem and at the same time it provide information to those who are willing to learn in the field of satellite and that’s one of the reason why this platform came to existence.

I will always keep you guys updated as soon as I get real facts and genuine information based on Satellite tv and other way round and You are almost welcome to write for us or give me a genuine articles within our focus.

Now Proceeding to the feedback on ARQ-Multi-Channels disappeared on Tuesdays afternoon while waiting for Carabao Cup show with the hoping of showing the matches but fail to appear since and below are my suggestions for its unceremoniously disappearance.

ARQ Multi-Channels

Where Do ARQ Multi-Channels Comes From?

ARQ Multi-Channels is a feed channels belongs to unknown Digital Satellite Tv Service Provider (for instance like Skysports and Others) for Live Sport Telecast most especially EPL, LAliga e.t.c. The Feed Channels like ARQ Multichannels can be hide in satellite as long as the beam of the satellite doesn’t cover the geographical location of the service provider own the feed channels that’s why the channels entails unfamiliar to sport channels and encrypted with BISS Algorithm.

Is It DStv Handi-Work?

Well, It may be DStv because It cost Multichoice billions of dollars to purchase football rights most especially EPL and UEFA as we all know that this ARQ Multi-channels reduce the sales of DStv drastically even from the first month the channels available on air and to be honest to you it took DStv 2month to know that there’s alternative for their subscriber and take for instance now DStv subscription rate will be improve start from yesterday and even this morning too because those who abandon their DStv decoder will be forcibly renew it. And don’t let blame DStv for increasing their subscription tariff it is our Government to be blame because it is their responsibility to provide us digital satellite at cheaper rate both Bein Media and Skysport are been control and manage by their Government.

Is ARQ Multi-Channels is coming back or not

The Chance to get ARQ Mulit-Channels back on track is narrow because the channels was working temporarily on that satellite and that’s why you will not find the information about the channels on the top satellite tv news update such as lyngsat, Flysat, Kingofsat and satbeam, and If we are lucky we can get the channels back on the same position and if and only nobody behind it.

Is there any Alternative to watch live Matches?

Yes, The best of all is IPTV, Nobody can block IPTV because it is future television and you can hardily see dish mounted on the wall or on the ground as it common in africa even UK, USA And other developed countries make use of IPTV to watch movies and sport.  Canalsat Africa is currently working fine on COBOX and 3D Ultra  reciver (Customized) for those in Nigeria, Ghana and other western countries while Canalsat reunion and Parabole also confirmed working on Satstar Combo for those in South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi, Ethiopia, and other South-East Africa.


  1. I am so happy for maryam, and all that were have gone through as sky gazer’s, but my most happy and interesting moments come when there are some of our Brothers who are so far behind as pertains to following update of what is happening, i pity maryam, who has to answer everyone and everything, good day

  2. my professor, 3D ultra T800 receiver has lost AFN channels this afternoon. Please confirm and help us to activate these channels. This is your most advertised receiver in the century. I hope it will not disappoint us like the rest. Thanks

  3. Dear sir will you send me a frequency of Sony network and AFN fraquancies and symbol rate and also the satellite are easy to cath them I am using freesat v7 combo receiver

  4. @ TechRamadan, my professor I heard that there is afn and Sony update. is it a mere rumour or is it true? Please help your expensive fans posted as soon as convenient. Thanks for the selfless job you are rendering to us.

  5. Sir, my tiger has stopped opening opening afn on powervu since a month ago. can you enlighten me on what tcam is used and how it used since I have not used it since I bought the receiver.


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