How To Watch EPL And LA Liga Matches During The Weekend

Signal-6 on eutelsat 10A using 3d ultra receiver

To watch Live Football matches has become though after the most expensive free to air known as ARQ Multi- Channels has been disappear since last month which prompt many selfless satellite tv enthusiasm to go back to the field and hunt for the latest free to air available and with the efforts put has yield another exciting, innovation channels such as TV1 otherwise called Kwese Free Sport and Signal-6 located on Eutelsat 10A with the help of our customized 3D Ultra T800 High Class Receiver. I was able to watch chelsea match using MYHD IPTV on my Pendoo X5 Pro later watch Arsenal match on Kwese Free Sport and Signal-6 start showing LA Liga Matches from the first matches of the day which I believe that signal-6 will be showing barcelona match in the night.

Signal-6 on eutelsat 10A using 3d ultra receiver

Signal-6 On Eutelsat 10A at 10e

You may be hearing about the signal-6 for the first time, Signal-6 has been existing since the era of Sport 24HD before advent of ARQ Multi-Channels. Many people do forget about this Channel because Signal-6 is a feed channels encrpted with which usually work when there’s live matches and went off immediately after the match.

Signal-6 is the best available feed channels that is primary dedicated for watching LA liga and the signal footage or footprint cover almost all the Africa.

Kwese Free Sport or TV1 On Eutelsat 10A at 10e

Kwese Free Sport is also another important channels as far as Carabao Cup is concern because Kwese Free Sport is among the channels that have official tv right to showing Carabao Cup and it is also encrypted with biss and it is available on Eutelsat 10A at 10e.

TV1 or Kwese Free Sport on eutelsat 10A

CIS Tv, New World Network On Eutelsat 10A at 10e

Both CIS TV and New World Network Channels are french Speaking or francophone channels offering Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1 and German Bundesliga simultaneously as far as Live football matches is concern and Both CIS TV and New World Network Channels can be found on Eutelsat 10A at 10e.

What Are The Requirement To Install Eutelsat 10A at 10e:

  • A good Lnb such as (SRT L928) HD C-Band LNB and you can try other one too.
  • Di-electric must be insert to the LNB.
  • Wide band dish range from 1.8m dish.
  • A Freesat V8 Finder (highly recommend) or use anyone of your choice.

How To Track Kwese Free Sport, Signal-6 And CIS Tv

  • LNB placement is very important, Firstly, di-electric plate must be placed vertical if you are using SRT L928 and twist your Cband LNB to 4 O’clock.
  • Use Chinese Mux Frequency to track first 3648 V 20150, make sure you achieve high signal quality.
  • After hitting Signal, Tight your dish very well.
  • Proceed to scanning and I always recommend “Blind Scan” to get others channels saved on your receiver.
  • Check If You get Signal-6, TV 1 as Kwese Free Sport and New World Network Channels

How To Get Biss Code Using 3D Ultra T800 Receiver

  • Tune to any biss channels you wish to watch.
  • Download and Install DVB Finder from Google Play Store to your smartphone.
  • Open the DVB Finder, Please note that your smartphone must be connected to the internet.
  • Click on the Scan Mode at the left hand corner.
  • Place the Scanner to the four edge of the DVB Finder displayed on the tv screen
  • Wait for about 5seconds and it will display the key.
  • Save the key else where for easy access and press ok on your receiver to enter the code
  • After input the biss code, Press blue button to confirm and the picture will come up automatically.

Note that extracted biss code must be keep safe to avoid using scanner and the following key can only be used on 3D Ultra T800 Reciever:


  • Frequency: 3900
  • Polarization: R
  • Symbol rate: 3751
  • Key: 40 11 F2 6C  C5 36 82 FD


  • Frequency: 3870
  • Polarization: R
  • Symbol rate: 1000
  • Key: D0 9B D7 31 9B 3E 0E 3F


  • Frequency: 3690
  • Polarization: R
  • Symbol rate: 1083
  • Free-to-air


  • Frequency: 3777
  • Polarization: R
  • Symbol rate: 6475
  • Free-to-air







  1. @ TechRamadan, you promised heaven and earth for your fans to buy 3D ultra T800 high class receiver from you. I was one of those early patronage. four weeks after afn and Sony 66.0E is no longer firing these channels is off-air. Now you are saying buying 3D ultra T800 high class receiver outside your shelf is waste of money. why, initially I believed that you were doing selfless service to your fans and beyond. even when others were criticising your methods of publicity I was always on your side but what you’re doing to us who patronise your product by keeping us in suspence without latest update is inhuman. my professor, please keep me posted on 3D ultra T800 high class receiver on afn and Sony channels. Thank you wella

  2. Dear sir, I tried tracking this frequency, but I found it difficult. The signal quality which I have is 74 %on the Chinese mux. Can you please send me any easier instructions to get this job done. I am from Liberia.

  3. I thank you for your timely response, I tried getting signal 6 tv channel today and I was successful in getting it. But the biss key codes given is not working presently. Please help me with the right one..


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