Major Differences Between Free IPTV And Premium IPTV Packages

myhd premium iptv on pendoo x5 pro tv box

A few people perhaps asking why I generally propose and prescribe premium iptv packages like MYHD IPTV installed on pendoo x5 pro android tv box in spite of the way that we have different free iptv packages like TVTap Pro. I need to use this article to clarify in details, some separating factors of free and premium iptv packages. To begin with, we as a whole realize that both the free and paid uses least of a 3g network, both the free and the paid likewise requires no dish installation, They are anyway listed by the followings:


In all actuality, while paid premium iptv packages like MYHD IPTV offer support for the users in a bad position, free services like TVTap Pro once in a while do that. For instance if channels are blocked on free service, there is almost no exertion consumed in other to reestablish the channels promptly. Correspondingly, we have categories of iptv packages which for the most part impact the supports offered the users;

  • Supreme premium : with full support for instance MYHD iptv package which is general, beinsport iptv package which only works in MENA, sky iptv package which is for Europe. The peril is that on the off chance that you endeavor to use an iptv package that isn’t supported in your country straightforwardly, you will get no support. Full premium iptv has the most costly subscripton in the wake of obtaining the Android tv box.
  • Semi-Premium: No guaranteed support: For instance 3D Ultra (E-Vision IPTV) services and some others that charge next to no to provide premium channels. I praise E-vision IPTV Team for not been excessively voracious with the subscription price of their iptv package.. For this categories, despite everything they provide support however they don’t guarantee anything. There is additionally probability of channels been blocked.
  • Almost Absolutely Free IPTV Packages: On the off chance that you need an iptv package that is thoroughly free, you are discussing xbmc(the most tolerable free iptv arrangement universally), streaming locales, and streaming apps.


Providers of completely premium iptv packages(e.g ancloud, sky, bein) offers a truly dependable package. The streaming is smooth, you barely experience pointless buffering neither do you have critical channels blocked inconclusively. In other words, you will get the value for your cash and your channels will be there to serve you generally.

Also, as a rule you have a few alternatives to your programs. e.g you have beinsports, espn, eurosports, skysports, mbc pro sports, fox sports just for sports.. same to movies and entertainment e.t.c. This isn’t generally so with semi-premium or free iptv. some critical channels may go off, you may experience freezing, or they may not telecast the event you need to watch.


Premium iptv packages constantly offer better picture qualities to free ones. Free iptv offers sports live on android tv apps and offers a poor picture on my phone compared to the premium iptv. beinsports channels on 3D Ultra (E-vision IPTV) isn’t as clear as that of pendoo x5 pro tv box yet it is superior to those of most streaming locales or android apps.


When you subscribe to a paid/premium iptv package, you are secure in any event on a certain something; that you will dependably appreciate contents from the package you subscribe to and that no provider will simply block the channels medium-term because the links were gotten following due process. also, providers of premium iptv keep running on dedicated servers.

Ease To Use

Another recognize quality of iptv is that no time squandering. simply connect your internet and begin viewing. no adverts, no pop-up windows, no irritating service inaccessible message, no distressing route before watching. Give me a chance to use my experience as a contextual investigation.

The paid application of MYHD IPTV and the free preloaded application inside pendoo x5 pro is called kodi/xbmc. In all actuality I hadly use my kodi because of the process I should pursue before getting the opportunity to view live programs.

for instance, on the off chance that I watch on espn today and I add it to my alternate way, tomorrow, the equivalent espn possibly absolutely offline, I should look inside the application once more… While with my paid MYHD IPTV apk, I basically launch the application and go directly to the channel I need to watch without dread of disillusionment.

Another good thing is that MYHD IPTV have two servers for their beinsports, one is under BeinPort SD while the other is under Beinsport HD and additionally BeoutQ channels is accessible under beinsport SD in the event that one is off, the other will work might be due to server maintenance. Infact there will never be a period that the beinsports under sports category of MYHD IPTV has ever gone off since I started using it with my Pendoo X5 Pro tv box.


While for the most part iptv consumes a ton of data, there is propensity that you will save some more data using the premium iptv compared to using the free ones. for instance, the free ones will attempt and download the entire database of the accessible channels previously you will be permitted to choose the channel you need to watch. some irritating adverts on some free iptv additionally consume some additional data separated shape discouraging your viewing. likewise for the way that you up to this point connecting to a channels that is offline before navigating to a working means you more likely than not squandered a few data on the non-working one.


For instance, Pendoo x5 pro, Tiger T3000 Additional, Tiger T8hd ultra accompanies in excess of 400 high quality premium channels, streaming destinations enable you to watch one event at any given moment, android apps gives you 100 channels or less. indeed, even qsat iptv channels is around 113. So also, premium iptv represents the world better. I was shock when I saw Ait and Nollywood movies on MYHD IPTV channels list for africa.

MYHD IPTV additionally have channels list for asia, europe, the world, turkey, china, poland, joined state, joined kingdom, canada, portugal e.t.c and when I say channels list I mean not only one. For instance, the africa category has in excess of 15 channels that represents the entire of africa.

Final Verdicts

Iptv arrangements is subject to your discretionary cashflow on iptv services. On the off chance that you can bear the cost of it go for the first class like MYHD IPTV, or bein(if you are in MENA), or sky(if you are in europe). In the event that you simply need some soothe far from dongles unsteadiness like cobox, onsat, nusky, you can go for the less expensive iptv packages like E-vision on 3D ultra, satstar combo e.t.c.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you would prefer not to pay a dime on iptv service renewal, you can go for free ones like android apps, streaming sites e.t.c . Yet, concerning me, the only iptv package that has “wowed” me and made me consume my data without realizing it is “MYHD IPTV” with Pendoo X5 Pro, the present is here and what’s to come is guaranteed and secure”

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