How To Use PS3 Controller To Play Any Android Games

How To Use PS3 Controller To Play Any Android Games

Many game developers have at last understood that all together for their games to be fruitful, they need to support Android. To truly win Android users over, they ought to likewise suit us bad-to-the-bone gamers who have OTG cables with the ability to attach controllers to our gadgets.

Games like Dead Trigger and Asphalt already support gamepads, however numerous others are still touch only. Some will only function admirably with touchscreen input, as Blek, however action games like FIFA 14 can profit by an external gamepad. That absence of functionality can likewise be an issue to the individuals who have an OUYA or NVIDIA Shield and really need a controller.

Fortunately, presently there is Tincore, a keymapper that enables you to control your touchscreen with the buttons and analog sticks on your Bluetooth or hardwired gamepads. This app works with or without root and is compatible with any gadget running Android 2.3 or higher.

Install Tincore Keymapper

Tincore Keymapper can be downloaded for free on Google Play, yet on the off chance that you need some additional features, similar to joystick calibration, you can buy the top notch pack through an in-app buy (at present going for $6.85).

How To Use PS3 Controller To Play Any Android Games

Connect Your Controller

In case you’re using a gamepad that is made explicitly for Android, similar to the POWER A MOGA or Gametel controller, you will simply need to connect it to your gadget. Most gadgets will be recognized by basically plugging the controller into the USB port or by pairing it through your Bluetooth settings.

PlayStation Controllers

Be that as it may, in case you’re using a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 controller, you should be rooted and buy the Sixaxis Controller app by Dancing Pixel Studios, which runs for $2.53 at the season of this writing this articles.

SixAxis Controller will have the capacity to combine your PS3 or PS4 controller to your gadget by basically connecting it through an OTG link and tapping Pair. When it’s paired, you can disconnect the OTG link and use it wirelessly. Stunning, isn’t that so?

How To Use PS3 Controller To Play Any Android Games

In the wake of pairing your PS3 or PS4 controller using Sixaxis, you’ll need to go into the app’s Preferences menu, go to Gamepad Settings, and check the Enable Gamepad option. Something else, Tincore won’t have the capacity to detect the controller as a substantial gamepad to map.

How To Use PS3 Controller To Play Any Android Games

Xbox Controllers

On the off chance that you are using a wired Xbox 360 controller, you should simply join it through an OTG link, however on the off chance that you are using a wireless controller, you should set it up using a Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Receiver.

A wireless Xbox 360 controller additionally requires a rooted gadget and some command line trickery, so know about needing a couple of additional steps. Since the receiver isn’t compatible with Xbox One, those controllers won’t work as of now.

Create Your Keymaps

With your controller paired and Tincore open, you would now be able to create a game explicit keymap profile. Right when you tap on the Tincore icon, you will get a continuous notification for the process. When you tap that notification, your screen will get a keymap editor overlay from which you will have the capacity to add buttons that relate to keys on your gamepad.

In the event that your controller does not show up under the rundown of gadgets in the editor, tap Discover devices from the menu.

How To Use PS3 Controller To Play Any Android Games

To add another catch function, you should press and hold the catch on your gamepad, at that point move it to the part of your screen you need the touch to happen. Rather than editing the buttons inside the app, I like to take a screenshot of the game and create the keymap in a photo display.

How To Use PS3 Controller To Play Any Android Games

On the off chance that you observe your keypad buttons to be excessively substantial or little for your screen, you can generally change the size by dragging the ZOOM slider situated in the side menu of the editor.

Save And Apply Your Keymap

When you have your buttons right where you need them, save the keymap profile by tapping the check mark icon in the side menu. You can rename it to whatever you like, and once it’s saved, you can enable it from any app.

How To Use PS3 Controller To Play Any Android Games

After you enable Tincore, it will continue to translate your key presses into touches until the point when you tap Exit from the editor screen.

A few games already have preconfigured keymaps that are downloaded automatically from the Tincore server, so make certain to look out for that toast notification when opening a game so you don’t need to do any additional work.

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